It’s the complete solution for cooking multiple meals all at once!

If you’re considering or doing “Once A Month” or “Mega” style cooking, Advantage Cooking does the preparation work for you!

You can put in your own recipes and group them for your cooking day. Advantage cooking gives you a grocery report and container report for making sure all is ready. For your cooking day there is the Master Recipe Report, the Action Report and the Appliance Report to keep the recipe assembly moving smoothly.

Cooking Days Screen
Recipes Screen
Recipe Report
Grocery Report
Action Report

Advantage Cooking is quick and easy to use. It was designed with the first time computer user in mind. Download a thirty day trial of Advantage Cooking today.

“Get a handle on meal preparation and planning! This program can give you the confidence you need to be organized in the kitchen, making meal time and preparation time more enjoyable.”
~ Carol Neumann, Beavercreek, OR

"... Just today, I spent a couple of hours entering my own recipes. It was so exciting to figure out how to add in my own things. What a great program! The instruction manual was obviously very well thought out. It makes sense and I can find answers to my questions quickly. I appreciate that ..."
~ Estella Schmeltzer, Sherwood, OR

“After four years of cooking and freezing meals, I know the frustration of managing recipes, making grocery lists, and planning a cooking day. Now Advantage Cooking does it all for me! If you want to minimize the planning and maximize the benefits, I highly recommend Advantage Cooking!”
~ Shelley Miller, Efficient Kitchen, Oregon City, OR

“Advantage Cooking is such a versatile program. It is easy to use, and allows for infinite additions. It is great to be able to plug in my menus and have this program give me a total shopping list, and the ability to use this for a single week or six months of menus is such a plus! This program is a benefit for any houshold, whether you choose to do freezer meals or not. I highly recommend it!”
~ Susan Winkelman, Milwaukie, OR

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